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Architectural Awnings

Pricing the Job

The goal of every wise customer is to get the best price. Here are four key considerations to make sure your best price is one that delivers the best value.

Product Knowledge. While many materials look the same, they don’t perform the same. Properly coated galvanized steel outlasts standard mill-finished steel. A certain gauge in aluminum keeps rods from bending, so that awnings and canopies don’t warp or collapse. As more contractors use cheaper, look-alike products, more customers attracted by the lower prices are soon spending extra on repairs and total replacements. First Impression’s 40+ years in business means we know where and how to get the best commercial-grade products at the best prices. And our commitment to low overhead enables us to pass the savings and value to you.

Warranties and Protection. Lower prices can equal higher spending when the product comes from a foreign manufacturer or one going out of business, or the installer doesn’t have the proper insurance. First Impression installs only products from reputable, reachable manufacturers, and provides proof of insurance for every job.

Leadership & Integrity
. A low price is no bargain when the limited knowledge of a contractor leads to a failure to understand, communicate, and execute your wishes properly. First Impression’s decades of leadership and breadth of experience installing all kinds of products means you converse with experts who know the job. We offer money-saving advice, and can foresee and help avoid costly future problems.

Job Performance. Companies quoting low prices often use low-skilled workers. Less capable and less reliable, these workers make more mistakes and can be disruptive on the job site. First Impression uses only seasoned professionals – architects, engineers, welders and installers known for getting the job done right and right on time. Our laborers pass any required background checks.

To get the best price for your awning or canopy project, you can try to find the answers to all of these questions, or you can simply hire the right company: First Impression.